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To begin with Protection for Wildlife on Dinagat Island

Rainforest Trust and nearby accomplice GREEN Mindanao set up another Hibusong Wildlife Sanctuary of 1,390 sections of land on the biodiverse island of Dinagat off the north bank of Mindanao in the Philippines. The asylum, situated on the little islet of Hibusong simply off the shore of northern Dinagat Island, was formally pronounced on December 4.
The asylum is the first in a progression of four new secured territories that will contain more than 17,800 sections of land in the coming year. With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines contains a wide assortment of natural surroundings, including swamp tropical rainforest, mangroves, wetlands and a huge number of miles of coastline. In any case, a great part of the country’s regular assets is not presently secured. Dinagat Island is perceived as a Key Biodiversity Area, with various endemic and undermined species. Prior to the asylum was set up by Rainforest Trust and its accomplice, there were no ensured zones on Dinagat.
“Rainforest Trust and GREEN Mindanao are glad to have set up the main insurance for Dinagat that is under huge weight from chromite and nickel mining,” said Rainforest Trust CEO Dr. Paul Salaman.