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IAAS – premium model in cloudcomputing

If as before, cloud computing services (Cloud Computing) is also quite familiar with the Vietnam now, this term has become popular.
Cloud computing is the effective solution to the problem that many companies are having as infrastructure investment costs, lack of technological capacity. In fact, many businesses are wasting resources when investing too much in human resources but do not exploit the full capacity of the server system.
Meanwhile, cloud server will allow for reduced business investment for manpower, infrastructure, upgrading applications and can scale flexibly as needed.
The trend to switch to IaaS
Usually, the cloud classification by 3 deployment models:
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): provides the physical systems and virtualization, including operating system, virtual machine, storage capacity, network infrastructure.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): provides the infrastructure and modular solutions, including environments with implementation language, web server, and database.Software as a Service (SaaS): provides a platform with applications.
Among them, the IaaS model is increasingly common in business. The server represents the main computing resources in IaaS is usually the virtual machine on the physical server. The virtual server can run the standard operating systems such as UNIX, Windows or Linux variant.
IaaS platform also has the ability to load balancing the workload of applications on a wide range of virtual servers, in order to increase the ability to recover and get ready for the application. This feature also provides the virtual IP network connection for distributing connection requests for a variety of other virtual application server.
Can speak, IaaS brings many benefits for the business. The first and most important is the significant cost savings. Instead of buying servers, increased floor area data center, network infrastructure devices, as well as to manage and maintain them, businesses only need to buy resources when needed.
Besides, the only cost is charged on the basis of the resources were consumed. Moreover, enterprises can share resources with other parties through flexible capabilities of cloud server resource sharing.
In addition, businesses can take advantage of IaaS from the resources the same as what they have implemented when using physical servers in the data center. This means that the existing skills such as managing servers, databases, application … can be reused. The isolation of resources in virtual server level also allows customers to take control of the operations, including the storage of data and the encryption and security measures.
The chances of domestic enterprises
With the advantages above, IaaS model will become the dominant trend of the business. However, most businesses today in small and medium levels, often encounter language barriers when approaching and apply these new technologies to their business operations.
Therefore, the cloud service provider in the country will become a bridge. This requires a certain level of technology, understanding the business environment, legal, Vietnam business culture and above all the training market is the ability associated with the technology.
This is also a priority for businesses in the country because they are the ones who understand the market and the most users. This understanding will yield successful results, bringing cloud computing platform to consumers.