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How to optimize virtual servers running configuration?

To be able to optimally configured for the virtual server running we will split into two parts, each part took on the responsibility quite important and high strategy include:
Hardware optimization
The optimization of hardware is the optimization of resources from primary servers, the more powerful hardware, the more we are divided into many virtual servers and systems that can help them run more powerful. Such as the processor chips that support good background on virtualization will help for virtual server run smoother and faster. High capacity hard drives can help for the type of virtual server we are hosting more …
The optimization software
Because running on the virtualization software to control, operate is also extremely important. With the kind of quality software, we will be able to easily manage your server system. Partition resources and greater security. Often in the server rental service company, they always oil portfolio for themselves the server system with very professional software as well as ensure the software can serve the purpose of their operation.

The choice to configure virtual server (VPS) suitably
When renting VPS-Virtual Server, then the first thing you should consult some professional parameters to be able to choose for themselves a service package tailored to your needs and your pocketbook
1. RAM
In computers, the RAM is the kind of main memory, if your VPS as much RAM, the ability to retrieve data as possible because when using VPS, you will need the RAM to it handles issues such as handling of PHP script with PHP software, export-import query processing of database with MySQL, small applications, supports read-write data, so this parameter is very important.
Currently, most of the VPS service that will allow you to select the level of RAM from 512 MB to 16 GB (if you see any more VPS 16 GB of RAM it’s Cloud VPS) and depending on the traffic to your website as well as optimizing VPS then you will need more RAM or less.

Although virtually unused resources you SWAP but you also please explain if you have any questions.
SWAP you understand Nom NA is a virtual memory to save the old handle act as if your RAM is full (overload), the SWAP itself is a storage space on your hard drive rather than an independent memory.
But not VPS would also SWAP memory support that only the Xen VPS support new SWAP.
3. Disk
Disk or understand simple is hard disk drive (HDD), this storage space will be used to save the installation file of the operating system and the file of the source code of the website you save on it.
4. CPU Core
CPU Core means core CPU’s. A Dedicated Server there is certain core number and it will be divided for the VPS. Often the core number higher the ability to process the data as possible.
In the VPS packages, on average you will be choosing from the type 1 core to 3 cores.
5. Bandwidth/Transfer
The two words have the same meaning as the bandwidth. What is the bandwidth then buy host sure you’ve got it but I would say again that, bandwidth means the traffic that you are allowed to transmit data.
6. IP
IP (Internet Protocol) if explain detailed out the concept are long too. Here his sum is the number of IP addresses that you will give you. The IP address ranges will be randomly chosen a provider for you.