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Differences between web hosting and virtual private server

I am sure there are many people who can not distinguish featured VPS and Web hosting or Shared hosting, Web hosting or VPS or no match for his website, follows here I would advise you to be clear.
⦁ Web hosting
Web hosting is an area on a hard drive of a “building” named Server, this server is a computer in that segment of the Department in the drive by the Pack and follow the specified quota by a hosting management software like Cpanel or DirectAdmin … and all in the host configuration is the configuration of the Server , are limited to certain resources. A server can do 300 Web hosting.
Web hosting is renting space services Internet servers to set up networking websites. If the domain name is the address, the website is home to the web hosting is to use “ground for rent” so.
⦁ VPS is a region on drive but had the right on par with the Server, it is split up by a physical Server, with separate software resources of the main server VPS, VPS is often quite independent of physical server on the active principle, was also limited by the capacity and bandwidth. A physical server can be something 20th VPS range.
⦁ Each server is a completely separate system, there is a separate operating system, have full rights to manage the root and can restart the system at any time. Therefore, the limited 100% VPS likely attacked local hack.
⦁ On 1 server running many Host running Website Share together, shared server resources, if 1 Website DDoS, botnet attack is too strong will affect other websites on the same server. Private server VPS, VPS account hacked then every other VPS accounts on the server are not affected.
⦁ Works perfectly as a dedicated server but save a lot of costs if compared with the hiring of a dedicated Server.
⦁ In addition to setting up a Web Server, Mail Server as well as other applications on the VPS, then the user can install to make own needs such as Web access using a Web browser, download/upload bit torrent with high speed …
⦁ In the case of the missing VPS, resources can easily upgrade additional resources without having to restart the system.
⦁ Can reinstall the OS with time from 5-10 minutes.
The differences between them
⦁ Web hosting have the operating system, but can not be changed due to General Server configuration
⦁ VPS does not have an operating system, you must set the
⦁ Web hosting has limited storage capacity, low bandwidth
⦁ VPS often have the bandwidth and higher capacity
⦁ Web hosting fixed hardware
⦁ You can do everything by VPS
So choose which one?
⦁ If you have qualifications or experience or knowledge of Linux operating system administrators or server administrators in General, you should make arrangements for a child to heal it, VPS like you do with it.
⦁ If you are just people doing basic web and cannot administer the VPS or server, it is best to use Web hosting
⦁ If the website needs a few special configuration, you should use the VPS
⦁ If the website thrives, winter access, should also use VPS
⦁ If you want to store the server administration experience, use the VPS
⦁ Web hosting in a simple configuration, everything was arranged available
What about the VPS should have qualifications and experience the new server management can work, not careful then the resources and poorly secured!