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Big Data and cloud computing in the eyes of top leaders

In the framework of the Conference “SMAC 2015 with the subject value connection-evoked potential” the speakers came from KPMG, IBM and Steve Wozniak-co-founder of Apple have conglomerations of Big Data and cloud computing as well as the advantages and difficulties that the businesses need to know Vietnam.
The Conference has attracted more than 400 business leaders are active in Vietnam to meet, Exchange and sharing of experience, new technology trends updates.
Shared at the workshop, Mr. Steve Wozniak asserts, “the cloud are extremely developed, especially when all of us are already familiar with mobile devices that are connected to data though I anywhere. Cloudcomputing to support every company whether large or small in many different ways. For example, Amazon helps for a start-up’s easy opening and quick sales. Microsoft Office 365 help for company activities and good management with Office applications and corporate governance “. And “technology has more and more simple, for example as you can write up a screen or electronic devices to talk easily with them as Siri on Apple or Cortana on Windows Phone…”
Besides, the trend that many businesses should be leveraging and implementing the business that’s social networking application combined with the data analysis technology and cloud computing from which to analyze and to capture the consumer behavior of the client, which can offer the suitable business solutions and effective management for the enterprise.
“The truth is that many countries, such as Vietnam currently still fret not know its development orientation. Country you can abundantly resources (oil, raw materials …) but the future development depends greatly on information technology than the resource elements. The growth and development of start-up companies seem more related to information technology, and information technology is developing around the world and Vietnam, of course, is part of a rotation of that development. ” Mr. Steve Wozniak also share more “When the phone application affects the way we handle the work in life, from real estate to call taxi application Uber. That proved that the financing is secondary, just we have unique ideas, you can still create the difference “.
Once more affirmed the role of information technology as well as connecting the community with the development of the business, as is the bridge “MobiFone always wanted support to connect Vietnam business community with the latest technology trends, can create the revolution administrate and operate the business for enterprises of Vietnam.” Mr. Le Nam Tra – Chairman of the Board Members Of MobiFone telecommunications company added: “event SMAC 2015 first held in Vietnam speaks constantly of MobiFone on cooperation and development journey along the business community in Vietnam and the world.”
However, Steve Wozniak also shared that “When you select agree to post up the cloud, which means you no longer control or security of such information. The cloud algorithm certainly could not secure as the cabinets in your home. However, you also can’t deny the utility of it. The important thing is that each person uses the cloud should have a higher sense of responsibility for the posted document to protect themselves and people better.
Though I don’t like the way the clouds seem to be guilty in the loss of your data, but I can’t deny it is is the development trend of the times. Everything on the cloud to talk to each other through the Internet, thanks to which you can find information for every issue you need. That is the new solution for the operation of the efficiently and inexpensively.
Previously you could only hug her computer and use limited in your data source. Now, you can access a huge amount of data and find the answer to every problem. ”
Representatives from KPMG again shows the numbers of “giant” of Big Data, average every day about 7,000 billion searches on Google, and after 2 years, this figure will double, after every minute there are 571 new websites 1/3 was formed and the amount of data in the world will be stored and transmitted through the Cloud.
And the fact is clearly using “big data” (Big Data) and “cloud computing” (the Cloud) in production and business operation, Telecommunication Corporation MobiFone has achieved positive results in the past.
Beyond the desire to build a dynamic business community and creativity, always use top technology trends in management and business, Telecommunications Corporation MobiFone has organized the seminar “SMAC 2015 with the subject value connection-evoked potential”.